20 of the best goggles for night skiing- Reviewed

Best Goggles For Night Skiing- Night skiing is a great experience. But if you don’t have the right equipment, it can be risky. While good ski goggles, boots, and gloves are going to serve you both day and night, without the right eyewear you can not ski under the moon.

Daytime ski goggles in dark or low light conditions simply won’t work. You need specialist labels for that. The following goggles come from such brands and on the slopes provide an outstanding evening experience.

If you’re getting ready to skiing at night or with low-light in general, then it’s critical to have the right eyewear. You shouldn’t wear the same pair of ski goggles you use on sunny days, with drastically reduced lighting. You need something that protects your eyes from ice and snow but also makes enough light to see where you are going.

Several resorts have started to open up skiing at night as a way for skiers to obtain more time on the slopes. You need transparent or tinted goggles for night skiing which don’t block out any or too much light (a high VLT).

Best Goggles For Night Skiing

Night ski goggles are cheaper than normal day goggles because they are not as costly to produce. Instead of blocking the strong glare of the sun, you only need goggles for night skiing that block the wind and snow or the glare of the spotlights in some situations. Typically, night skiing in a resort is illuminated with spotlights running along the trail.

Skiing goggles are an important part of your equipment on the slope, since they basically depend on your riding ability. The main function of maintaining good visibility is there. Some goggles offer a quick change of lens which helps you to adapt to different lighting conditions.

Comfort, ventilation, longevity and, of course, design are other important factors. Here for this ski season we’ve picked the best ski and snowboard goggles so you certainly won’t be left without eye protection. So without ado, let’s look at the results.

Our Top Pick: Best Goggles For Night Skiing

1. OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles PRO

The first thing you’ll notice about this goggle is that it’s evidence of fog 100%. This is a big win in our books as you are sure of unimpeded visibility when skiing at night, regardless of the level of fog.

They work exceptionally well for its size, even better than some more expensive ski goggles. They’re always comfortable to wear because they’re sitting squarely on the face even when you move them up to your eyes. That they look great doesn’t hurt, so you get to ski with goggles that also click the fashion boxes.


  • The OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles PRO is available at a great price
  • They are big and durable, which ensures that even under constant use they are likely to last long.
  • They deliver remarkable visibility under low light and even on sunny days. On foggy days it still maintains a clear vision.


  • Treat the OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles PRO carefully as it scratches
  • The lens is designed to make them easy to take off as powerful magnets keep them on.
  • The negative side, under the right amount of pressure, is that they will slip off when taking your goggles off.

2. Bolle Freeze Ski Goggles

The Bolle Freeze Ski Goggles hasn’t been seen by anyone who said a cheap product lacks quality. This is an excellent night ski goggle for their size, because it is robust and lightweight. It also features antiscratch lenses with three options for tinting: green, yellow and white.

The purpose of color tinting is to improve the contrast under conditions of low light. At night skiing the tint gives clear vision. You should wear the Bolle Freeze Ski Goggles over helmets as the straps provide a good fit while staying securely adjustable at any head size. Here are some of the Bolle Freeze Ski Goggles ‘ pros and cons that have won it a place in our 2020 Best Goggles For Night Skiing list.


  • The Bolle Freeze Ski Goggles has on its inner lens an anti-fog coating that prevents the moisture from building up on the outer lens in high fog conditions. It also features a sleek flow tech ventilation system that guides the airflow to avoid the build-up of moisture for optimum vision
  • The Bolle Freeze Ski Goggles is durable. They are able to withstand many falls and hits without any scratches or injury.


  • It may scratch

3. Bolle Mojo Snow Goggles

When it comes to lens colors, you have a variety of options with the Bolle Mojo Snow Goggles. They range from orange to transparent citrus, all intended to work under low light conditions.

With a clear lens, you can go skiing at night in comfort without thinking about fogs. If the clouds roll in, you’ll be ready, too. While other goggles that prevent you from noticing changes in the terrain, with the Bolle Mojo Snow Goggles you’ll always be aware of any changes. The anti-fog system works with vents at the top and bottom that allow sweats to escape without fogging.


  • Stylish and sleek goggles, because they also stay firmly on helmets
  • Due to its double-vented polycarbonate lens it boasts high durability
  • Its protective coating eliminates scratch possibilities
  • It offers a comfortable fit on the face with its two-layer foam


  • It is not polarized

We found a video on “HOW TO SKI 7 STEPS TO PARALLEL TURNS” worth watching during our research on Best Goggles For Night Skiing.

4. Smith Optics Cascade Classic Goggles

Well recognized on the goggle market and for good reason, Smith Optics Cascade Classic Goggles qualifies as a top-of – the-range night goggle as it not only has a clear lens but is also budget-friendly.

It can be worn comfortably, as it comes with a medium adjustable width over most helmets. As they are beautifully sleek and crowned with a robust frame, they are worth the price. You can shift it with the adjustment strap to match the user’s head without exerting much pressure.


  • It has a regular airflow ventilation system and a cylindrical dual lens that provides clear vision during use.
  • It is compatible with any helmet.
  • It has a solid face foam which offers extra comfort


  • On particularly cold days, the interior portion of the lens has a tendency to get small fog

5. Hongdak Ski Goggles

The Hongdak Ski Goggles has 100 per cent UV protection which has also enhanced performance against fog and anti-scratch. The detachable lens system offers replacement lenses with various colors which are ideal during snowboarding and skiing for all forms of weather conditions and personal preferences.

The OTG style lets you wear your glasses under the glasses. The adjustable strap and the built frame structure provide better versatility of the helmet, designed for both adolescents and adults.

The architecture of the panoramic lens offers a view of over 180 degrees, and also a super clear view. The bidirectional ventilation system increases airflow and ensures better fog-resistance and easy usage throughout the day under hot and humid conditions.


  • Its high-performance lens comes with additional UV protection and anti-fog functionality
  • The dual-lens system allows specific visible light transmission to operate at an optimal level under various weather conditions
  • Under the Hongdak Ski Goggles you can wear glasses because the OTG design has an adjustable strap which makes it compatible with your helmet
  • It has a super-wide view of over 180 degrees, with an added benefit of super-clear vision
  • The top-notch ventilation system offers excellent resistance to fog


  • Wiping the lens with your fingers or cloth will scratch

6. Wildhorn Roca Snowboard & Ski Goggles

The Wildhorn Roca Snowboard & Ski Goggles frame is made of urethane polymer and comes with its highly durable content. It has a premium soft-touch coating that is non-slip.

You have extra protection with their shock-resistant polycarbonate material along with the lenses. These glasses can also last in a wide variety of weather conditions.

The anti-fog and scratch coating helps you to see the ground without interference under any light condition, while shielding your eyes from glare and harmful UV rays.

This Wildhorn Roca Snowboard & Ski Goggles also features a smooth side clip locking system built in case of a knotty shock to hold the lens in place. Often, the lens is firmly held in place when removed from the face to take a break from slopes devastation.


  • This has seven different options for the Aurora lens that can be swapped in less than a minute.
  • It provides superior efficiency and comfort at all levels.
  • The large panoramic view is both anti-nebulity and anti-scratch.
  • It is also ideal for daytime use as this protects the eyes from glare and UV rays.
  • The lens is shatterproof as it is made with polycarbonate material


  • When put on the forehead, the goggle slips off, as it has no sticky interior surface

7. Oakley Flight Deck Ski Goggles

The first thing you feel is the full peripheral vision in all directions as you put the Oakley Flight Deck Ski Goggles on. The clear lens makes it easy to go skiing at night as you can see the terrain easily no matter how low the ambient light is.

An extra great feature is the Prizm lens that lets you see every contour and curve of the slopes at low light. It does not matter that they’re also making you look good. All in all, their price range is an excellent buy.


  • It has fantastic peripherals
  • It offers a comfortable fit
  • It does not cause any problems with the fogging as it has a crystal clear lens


  • Quite expensive

8. Bolle Carve Snow Goggles

The Bolle Carve Snow Goggles are durable enough to keep the snow out of the face when skiing under any conditions. It keeps out the wind, as well.

During any skiing activity it makes a massive difference as it allows for clear vision, with little to no risk of fogging. They’re also perfect for daytime use because the built-in technology keeps UV rays out on sunny days. You get a better view of the snowy terrain while skiing at night with the Bolle Carve Snow Goggles, and no noise from the changing weather conditions.


  • It has a flow-tech ventilation system.
  • It has a double-layer facial foam that improves comfort when used.
  • It has a double-lens system that protects the face from fogs.
  • It has favorable anti-scratch features and provides plenty of viewing space


  • It only fogs up on a few rare occasions

9. JULI Ski Goggles

For their quality the JULI ski goggles are fantastic. Besides being super comfortable, they suit any helmet well too. Such ski goggles provide better vision while on the slopes, and rest all right on the face. No matter how foggy the weather is, the anti-fog system ensures it remains clean and dry.


  • It has a professional ventilation system designed to minimize the occurrence of fogging and quickly remove moisture
  • The adjustable strap is compatible with any helmet and snugly fits on the forehead.
  • It is ideal for night and day skiing, as it provides extra protection against harmful UV rays.
  • It comes in a range of color choices that can be personalized to match your needs


  • No cons

10. Chalife Ski Goggles

Chalife ski goggles can meet the requirements if you are looking for basic night ski goggles that do not delay you too much and provide you with adequate protection.

These are sold in a kit of two and provide convenient security for men, women and teenagers. We offer anti-glare coating for excellent visibility and protection against ultraviolet light.

Chalife ski goggles are shock-resistant, and not only ideal for skiing and snowboarding, but also for biking, motorcycling and climbing. They offer protection from the wind to avoid inflammation of the skin around the eyes, and the dense foam is comfortable, too.


  • It has a convenient size that fits on the nose, without being too big or too small.
  • Its lenses are shatterproof and can be used without scratching
  • The Chalife ski goggles fit people of all sizes.
  • It also comes with extra protection which protects against glare and UV rays


  • No cons

11. Zionor XA Ski Goggles

The Zionor XA Ski Snowboard Goggles are mirrored goggles that have reflective paint, reducing the sun’s glare while still optimally operating under low light conditions.

The specific Enhanced Durability Tech is built in to offer full eye protection and resist impact effects. Three layers of foam remove the potential for discomfort when you have been the ski goggles for an extended period of time.

With a large percentage of ski goggles, the Zionor Ski Goggles can be used as its elastic strap offers a comfortable fit.


  • Lenses are fog-free
  • Three-layer foam that provides triple comfort
  • The long elastic strap that makes it match with the helmets
  • The lenses and frame are high impact resistant


  • No Cons

12. SMITH 4D Mag Goggles

The smith 4D Mag has an impressively designed magnetic lens change device. Named BirdsEye Vision, the bottom of the lens bends inward, bringing sight down by 25 per cent.

This ski goggle is a perfect choice for those who enjoy the field of vision to the fullest. There’s no question it’s a nice piece of technology but performance is not all that top-notch in general.

The new shape of the lens and the frameless construction often make it difficult to adjust the lenses without having to leave spots.


  • Visibility downwards is fine
  • It provides a wide field of vision


  • The lower portion of the lens is sensitive to scratches

13. POC Retina Clarity 

With sharp Zeiss lenses and a classic, framed look, the Retina clinks to the past while using new technology to its full potential. This ski goggle has a solid feel and a competitive price.

With its triple foam cover, it has an outstanding field of vision that has the quality level of a more expensive ski goggle. However, it does fall short in ventilation efficiency. And due to the few gaps, not enough air moves around the lenses.

This means that if you walk or sweat backwards, the fog will not dissipate quickly. The rivalry in this price range is his other challenge, but that doesn’t take anything away from the ski goggle of Retina Clarity.


  • It has a range of frame colors
  • It has the added benefit of a cool look
  • The retina clearness ski goggle has a wide field of view


  • It has only one lens
  • The ventilation is of medium range

14. Oakley Fall Line XM ski goggle

Oakley Fall Line XM ski goggles incorporate their cutting-edge lens technology into a cylindrical form. The ski goggle fits easily under most ski helmets but with its bold frameless design, it still makes a grand statement.

The glasses are made very well with Prizm lenses which have excellent performance overall. It provides an excellent barrier, given its Ridgelock lens exchange system, with no room for the wind to seep. However, it comes with only one lens, while almost all other rivals have two.


  • Its theme is bold and elegant
  • The ventilation system is impressive


  • It has only one lens

15. Anon Relapse ski goggles 

The Anon Relapse ski goggles are ideal for those on a budget without having inferior quality in their price range as opposed to others. But it doesn’t have a wide range of views, and is sometimes blurred around the edges.

The Anon Relapse ski goggles have interchangeable lenses to choose from and are compatible with contacts, with several sets.

If you don’t wear glasses, the ventilation is squarely in the middle of the ski goggle and for warmth, you get three-layer foam around the nose. It doesn’t stand out but the sleek and basic style is always a win.


  • It has two lenses
  • The lenses are interchangeable
  • The ventilation system is outstanding


  • It has fogging problems

16. Dragon Alliance X2 Ski Goggles

The Dragon Alliance X2 goggles are known for their frameless nature, which not only improves your field of view but also adds charm to your look, more importantly. And properly positioned ventilation holes provide optimum airflow so during use, these goggles do not fog. Even, as if you were sitting a meter away from a 1080p TV, their new lens technology will provide high-definition pictures.

17. Spy Optic Bravo Snow Goggles

Such medium sized goggles are differentiated by their proprietary Lock Steady technology from other snow goggles, which offers fast and fingerprint-free lens replacement. These are also fitted with Happy Lens technology lenses for improved contrast on the landscape and full visual clarity.

18. Smith Optics I/OX Goggle

A few years ago, the Smith Optics I / O 7 appeared on the market, and even then this model offered a rapid lens upgrade. This brand has reappeared on the market this year with the I / OX line and these goggles are now available in a number of new colors that we really enjoyed.

Thick framing makes the design more robust while the lenses can help with anti-fog technology and provide an immense field of vision. I would also like to highlight the ChromaPop technology–it filters light at 2 specific wavelengths, making visual experience smoother and clearer.

19. Veezee – Dba Von Zipper Jetpack Snow Goggles

When skiing or snowboarding, changing weather conditions is an unavoidable consideration and these completely dark glasses can help you maneuver in any situation. You’ll be delighted with the easiest and quickest lens change device we’ve ever seen.

When the sun is hidden behind the clouds, it is definitely useful on the hill, then peeps out from behind. The field of view is also broad, with peripheral views so strong that you might forget about the glasses at some point.

20. Light Green OutdoorMaster PRO (80% VLT)

This goggles were last saved because they have the most value in this list out of all the others. They are basically the “upgraded” versions of OutdoorMaster’s budget goggles, but they have two major benefits

  • For one, they come with lenses for magnetic swap. This means that you can change colors at all in no time — they snap in and snap out.
  • Two, for a large and uninterrupted field of vision, they have spherical, frameless lenses.

The light green lenses provide a high 80 percent VLT while still providing the tint of color to give you some extra contrast. If you only had to get one pair of goggles for all your skiing, the OutdoorMaster PROs make an excellent option along with a new, different-colored lens.

Who Should Consider This?

Any night skier needs a good pair of goggles at night. The customized lenses allow you to adjust to your environment and give you the opportunity to ride the slopes well beyond regular hours, no matter how dark it gets. When everyone else is at home, if you want to ride the snow, these are for you.

In this guide the goggles often operate well under low-light conditions. They are also a good choice for early morning skiers, for that reason. The extra features will also be enjoyed by people who hit the powder at noon, or later in the day that bleeds into dusk.

Best Goggles For Night Skiing: What To Consider

Best Goggles For Night Skiing

Visible light transmission:

The visible transmission of light, which is often abbreviated as VLT, is a percentage reflecting the amount of light that the glass lenses let in. You should find a dark tinted lens to go skiing on a sunny day.

It is best to wear yellow or light glasses when preparing to ski at night, because they allow up to 99 percent of the visible light to pass, and you can see as much detail as possible.

Transparent glasses will let in the most light, but some people do consider that yellow or luminous lenses will help with better contrast.


There is some ventilation to all snowboard goggles on this list. Ventilation enables entry of cold air into the glasses and release of hot air. This keeps the temperature as close as possible in and out of the lenses, and will also prevent fogging.

Not all day and night glasses are going to be 100 per cent evidence of fog. In fact, if you handle them incorrectly, even the best and most expensive ones will tarnish too. It is also the owner’s duty to use it properly.

Double pane lenses:

Double panel lenses closely imitate double panel screens. These build an air layer between the two lens sets in the glasses which help to regulate the temperature.

It is another mechanism that helps to keep the glasses inside and outside at a consistent temperature, which can help to prevent fog.

Facial foam:

The foam forms a bond between yourself and the glass container. This will help protect against damage and other hazards, and will remove skin moisture.

Most of the foam has three layers: tough, extra soft for comfort next to the nose, flexible for protection next to the frame and moldable in the middle for better molding to the facial contours. Many foam layers also have new technology to help with steam stoppage.


Many lenses have a thicker lens frame than others. This frame trim will provide a full peripheral vision for smaller faces, even in smaller glasses.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re choosing a ski goggle because of its versatility or comfort, the modern goggles on this list tick all those boxes. They are excellent, with ample visual clarity and fit to allow you to enjoy your skiing trip without any hassles.

As we’ve proven, fit and comfort are important. So feel free to choose the one that works best for you in terms of fit, comfort and budget. All are worth trying on.

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