Top 10 Best sleeping bags for warm weather

Best Sleeping Bags For Warm Weather- You want to wake up fresh every morning when you’re camping or backpacking-ready for the adventures of the day. Which means a good night’s sleep is imperative! But when you’re backpacking in hot-climate countries, when you’re sweating, overheating and cold, it can be hard to sleep well. So to ensure you get a nice snooze in hot climates, you need a sleeping bag which won’t easily overheat. If you’re unsure which one to choose from, check out our guide on our page to select the best warm-weather sleeping bags for hot climates.

The best idea to spend your summer fun seems to be to open your tent to the beautiful scenery. Mountains or shoreline will cool your whole heart down and fill it like a canvas for the future. You may have already started thinking with your family about camping. But take a step back realizing you don’t have a bed.

We’re here to help you with the best sleeping bags for warm weather review so you can purchase any of them without quality tension. We’ve collected some of the best reviews for the money you’re going to spend on it with how many deals you’ve got! So let’s just give it a shot, and later thank us when you find the perfect best sleeping bags for warm weather for your trip.

Best Sleeping Bags For Warm Weather

Choosing Best Sleeping Bags For Warm Weather

Temperature Rating

Temperature rating is the first— and most important— aspect to consider when buying a sleeping bag. The European Advisory established a standardized standard for sleeping bags across all manufacturers in 2005. Such temperature measurements were also introduced in other parts of the world and are expressed in terms of the degrees of “comfort.”

The “comfort temperature” on a pack is the minimum possible temperature designed to withstand the sleeping bag before the average human gets cold. Those levels vary from the “lower comfort level” of a person to the “higher comfort level” and the ratings “serious” (for the coldest temperatures). Such scores should be used as a reference to fit your sleeping bag with the environment you’re going to have but it’s not 100% accurate at all. Just don’t buy a sleeping bag that is built for conditions of-10 ° C and you should be able to manage it in most places.

Season Rating

Sleeping bags come with season ratings also to make it simpler. The ranking codes are:

  • Season 1: Summer (for use if temperature reaches 5 degrees).
  • Season 2: Spring / Summer (+0 ° C).
  • Season 3: Autumn / Spring(0 to-5 degrees).
  • Season 4: Around the year(-12 degrees and below).
  • Season 5: Extremely cold conditions!

So if you’re heading to hot places, buying a sleeping bag with a rating of Season 1 or Season 2 is best.

Personal Choice

Many people will “take the heat” more than others, just like with everything in life. So, you need to consider your personal ability to cope with heat when buying the best sleeping bags for warm weather. If you are comfortable in warmer temperatures, you can bear this in mind and opt for a Season 2 pack. Generally, women feel the cold more than men and have a lower night body temperature than men, so they prefer to need a slightly warmer sleeping bag. Buying the best sleeping bags for warm weather that is slightly warmer than you think you’ll need is a good rule of thumb, as you can always take off more clothes and open zips for ventilation.


One factor to consider when selecting any camping gear is which material best suits your purpose. Some sleeping bags include either synthetic fabric or down fabrics. If you fly to hot spots, synthetic-filled sleeping bags are a much better choice because they are less isolating than down. We still maintain 50 percent of their ability to differentiate when wet, which is suitable for hot and warm areas.

Synthetic sleeping bags are also cheaper and need less maintenance and cleaning than down sleeping bags, making them ideal for backpacking where you might be on a budget or navigate grubby environments. The downside to plastic bags is that they can be more cumbersome and weigh more than sleeping bags down, so this can be problematic if you have a heavy rucksack.

It’s also worth considering what makes up the lining fabric. Because of its insulating capacities, avoid flannel linings in hot climates. Go for something light and breathable, like cotton for starters. If it’s extremely hot but you still want some cover, you should buy and use a silk sleeping bag liner instead of a sleeping bag, because silk keeps you incredibly cold.

Shape And Size Vs. Weight

The sleeping bags come in a variety of shapes and lengths. The most common types are sleeping bags in the shape of rectangles or “envelopes,” and sleeping bags in the shape of a tapered or “mummy.”

Mummy: As you can imagine, the bag wraps around your body as if you were mummified with a “mummy” sleeping bag! Funny, right? The bag’s tapering means better heat retention so this design is not suitable for hot spots. That type of bag, however, weighs less than a rectangular bag. Mummy bags come with a “stuff” sack, with a drawstring and toggle on top which allows them to be dramatically compressed. It makes it much easier for them to carry while backpacking.

Rectangular: There is a zip along two sides with a rectangular bag that ensures that the bag can be fully opened to form a blanket and allows you additional space to move in when zipped. For warmer conditions, this is often better, as it is less insulating and allows more airflow. Rectangle bags, however, weigh more than “mummy” bags, and they do not usually come with a compression sack, so they can be bulky to carry, particularly when backpacking is finished.

Which one to pick out of so many best sleeping bags for warm weather is a very confusing task? If you decide which shape of a sleeping bag to take backpacking in hot climates, it’s often better to buy a lightweight mummy bag that compresses small and has full length zips so you can provide airflow if you get too warm — or consider a lightweight rectangular bag with a stuff sack so it’s not too cumbersome to hold.


When it comes to sleeping bag zips, there are a few things to consider:

  • Left or right zips: Select the right zip for you to make it easier to hop out for a late night nature call.
  • Two-way zip: Having a two-way zip in warm conditions is useful, as you can create extra ventilation.
  • Full-length or half-length: In hot places it is also better to opt for a full-length zip as you can fully open your bag to let the heat out.

Added Extras

When it comes to backpacking, particularly if you’re staying in hostels, it’s a good idea to look for a bag with indoor pockets, usually positioned close to the top of the bag. This way you can keep your valuable items, such as your mobile phone or wallet, close to you.

Top 10 Best Warm Weather Sleeping Bags

1. Sea To Summit Spark Sp I Sleeping Bag

The Sea To Summit Spark Sp is a super lightweight hot climate sleeping bag that compresses so compact you wouldn’t even know it’s a sleeping bag!

The Spark Sp is so packable about as lightweight as it comes, that it can be used as a sleeping bag liner on winter expeditions. The shell ULTRA-DRY Down and Pertex help repel the moisture and keep you warm in the tent at damp nights. If you’re looking for the lightest alternative, the Spark Sp can be a good bag for warm weather.

2. Kelty Cosmic Sleeping Bag

The Kelty Cosmic sleeping bag is perfect for backpacking and camping during the 3 seasons. Water-resistant down insulation and a variety of features make this sleeping bag a great value and comfort mix.

The sleeping bag is insulated with a Drawdown 600-fill. Renowned for its heat retention and compressible properties efficiency, down has an incredibly soft, comfortable feel and continues to provide the best warmth-to-weight ratio of any isolation.

Using a special, creative application of polymers, Drawdown actually creates a hydrophobic finish on every single down plume. The effect of this procedure is an insulation that stays dry longer and dries more easily.

The thermal quality of the Cosmic 20 Degree bag is improved by a draft tube behind the 60 “two-way locking anti-snag zipper and an insulated hood. Internal comfort is provided by a polyester taffeta lining. Other features include a small pocket to keep electronics handy and a natural football.

3. Thermarest Corus HD Quilt

The Thermarest Corus HD Quilt isn’t quite a sleeping bag but it has a foot box and an attachment to the sleeping pad. A large baffle runs around the whole quilt to lock in the heat and prevent any unwanted drafts that may also be tucked underneath for the effect of the sleeping bag.

Ventilation is not a concern with this design, so you can stick your feet out of the end if you wish or cocoon up in the box. The Nikwax Hydrophobic Down has been treated to repel water and dry out very quickly to dissipate all the myths of being useless when humid. The Corus HD quilt is incredibly versatile and perfect for lightweight backpacking, or even for emergency retention in the vehicle.

4. Western Mountaineering Mitylite Sleeping Bag

The Western Mountaineering Mitylite is a semi-rectangular summer sleeping bag with a sewn thru and horizontal chamber design. Thanks to its rectangular shape, it can be zipped into other sleeping bags to create a double or unzipped bag to be used entirely as a quilt.

The continuous 6-inch chambers have a 3-inch loft that helps maintain body heat on cold nights and packs up nice and thin. The Mitylite is made in the USA and is ideal for lightweight backpacking trips where temperatures rarely drop below0 ° C or when you intend to stay in hostels/couch surfing.

5. Easthills Outdoors Bison Sleeping Bag

Easthills Outdoors Bison Sleeping Bag is a great classic mummy bag with a temperature rating of 15 degrees which you really need in cold weather. The contoured hood with adjustable cord drawstring and4-inch draft baffle aid trap the inside warm air. And combined with baffle construction technique the premium 650 fill power down creates maximum thermal efficiency eliminating possible cold spots.

SUPERIOR COMFORT: This bag not only makes your night warm and dry with premium PFC-Free, hydrophobic down and 20D breathable Ripstop Nylon shell with DWR finish. The integrated pillow pocket in the hood also allows a handy pillow-on – the-go pad to be stuffed with a jacket or extra clothes in the sleeve opening.

ULTRALIGHT WEIGHT: Our traditional down mummy sleeping bag has been designed to keep you as warm as possible while minimizing packed weight and size for your ultralight adventure. It can be packed down to 9″x 15″ at around 3 lbs (long size) using included stuff sack. Prepare to hit the trail!

OTHER IMPRESSIVE FEATURES: Full long YKK no-snag zipper makes it easy to get into and out. Inner stash pocket is great for your tools, keys, phones or other. Exterior loops can be used for drying or storage hangings on the foot box. A large mesh breathable storage sack is included for long-term storage which extends your sleeping bag’s lifespan and quite a good bag for warm weather.

6. Sierra Designs DriDown Backcountry Bed 600 Sleeping Bag

The Sierra Designs DriDown Backcountry Bed 600 Sleeping Bag features a flexible built-in comforter that helps you to remain wrapped up while opening the top for ventilation. The sleeping bags of the Sierra Designs are as comfortable as they look and require plenty of upper body space to sleep on your back, side or front–or swap on restless nights between all three!

With this bag’s 2-season edition, you can go even lighter but are then more constrained by the places you can use it comfortably. A really cool 3-season sleeping bag for extremely hot weather conditions.

7. NEMO Jazz Sleeping Bag

The NEMO Jazz is a spoon-shaped3-season sleeping bag built for backpacking in warmer climes. The design is a kind of mummy / rectangular hybrid that adds extra space to your knees and elbows if you’re sleeping sideways.

This is a cozy bag with stretch design and stitching to not only sleep in but also lounge around in. NEMO’s 650 FP down is super light, keeping you warm at chilly nights, and controlling your heat at warmer nights. Certain features include an adjustable cover, pillow space, and valuables pocket with zippering.

8. Big Agnes Cross Mountain 45 Sleeping Bag

The Big Agnes Cross Mountain 45 sleeping bag is designed to hold any rectangular 20-inch sleeping pad down in the pocket. Which ensures you’re not getting out your bed in the night and adding to the overall better night’s sleep. The synthetic insulation is very light and soft with feather-down-like properties and for a synthetic bag it packs out very thin.

The main advantage of this synthetic sleeping bag is that it can be used under all conditions and has more room than a mum bag. This bag would be perfect for humid, damp, wet areas like rainforests where it’s nearly impossible to keep all your gear dry.

9. Marmot Nanowave Sleeping Bag

The Marmot Nanowave Sleeping Bag uses lightweight high-loft insulation and will keep you warm even when you are wet. However, the best thing about this sleeping bag is the size.

The Nanowave is great value for money, so if you already have a high-end winter pack, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on warmer climates. The only drawback with this bag is that it doesn’t pack up as light as other bags on this list but you can go wrong.

10. North Face Aleutian 55 F Sleeping Bag

The North Face Aleutian 55 F Sleeping Bag on the North Face is a cheap sleeping bag that is rated for hot countries and summer weather. It doesn’t pack up very tiny as with other plastic sleeping bags but it will keep you warm even if it gets wet.

It has a full-length zipper on one side running right around the foot box allowing you to open it up like a blanket as well as a quarter-length zip on the other side for more options for sleeping. A good value summer sleeping bag, perfect when the weather is nice for festivals and casual camping.

Thanks for reading our Best Warm Weather Sleeping Bags Top 10 list for Hot Climate. You can also read our article to pick a Best Tent Heater For Camping. Once again Thank you for reading and for keeping in touch with us.

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